Glass slides with surface functionalization for microarray applications.


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Glass slides with surface functionalization for microarray applications Standard size (75.5... more

Glass slides with surface functionalization for microarray applications

  • Standard size (75.5 x 25.0 x 1.0 mm)
  • Ultra flat glass surface
  • Minimal inherent fluorescence, very low background
  • Excellent slide homogeneity and superior slide-to-slide reproducibility
  • Polysiloxane surfaces for high immobilization efficiencies
  • sciBUFFER system provides optimized conditions for immobilization, blocking and hybridization
  • Barcode label and identification number are optionally available
  • Slides are packed under argon to prevent exposure to moisture
  • 12 months shelf life at room temperature
  • Supports both non-contact and contact printing
  • Compatible with commonly used scanners

Based on SCIENION's expert knowledge in surface design, a portfolio of surface functionalized slides has been developed and optimized for microarray applications. These specific functional layers substrates combine a high density of coupling groups with a superior surface functionalization homogeneity. This special design allows for a highly efficient coupling of biomolecules. In combination with sciFLEXARRAYER technology, high quality microarrays can be produced with excellent spot morphologies and high signal to noise ratios.

Available with 6 different surface functionalizations:

  • sciCHIP Epoxy: for covalent binding of amine or thiol moieties of unmodified and amine-modified oligonucleotides, PCR-products, glycans, peptides, cells, antibodies and proteins
  • sciCHIP Amino: for binding by electrostatic interactions followed by crosslinking of longmer oligonucleotides, PCR-products and cDNA
  • sciCHIP Aldehyde: for covalent binding of amine and thiol moieties of - amine-modified oligonucleotides, PCR-products, peptides, cells and tissues
  • sciCHIP H2: slides for sciFLEXARRAYER performance test (FAT/SAT)
  • sciCHIP Hydrophobic H1: ultra-hydrophobic glass slides coated with fluorinated carbohydrate
  • sciCHIP COP: for sciPOLY3D applications, blank polymer slide with low intrinsic fluorescence


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