proteoCHIP 12*16 Set


proteoCHIP 12*16 Set

proteoCHIP 12*16 is a solution enabling miniaturized sample preparation for multiplex MS-based single cell proteomics

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 The proteoCHIP 12*16 product line is dedicated to multiplexed single cell proteomics... more

 The proteoCHIP 12*16 product line is dedicated to multiplexed single cell proteomics sample preparation workflows for Mass Spectrometry (MS) analysis.

It enables all the front-end of the MS on the deck of the cellenONE single cell dispenser, and pooling of the samples with a quick spin in the centrifuge, for preparation of up to 576 single cells per run.

Get the most out of your single cell proteomics data!

The proteoCHIP 12*16 Set contains:
-    3 (three) proteoCHIP 12*16
-    3 (three) proteoCHIP 12*16 Funnel.

The proteoCHIP 12*16 is a conical bottom nanowell chip, 12 arrays of 16 nanowells, prefilled with oil, enabling single cell proteomics sample preparation.

The proteoCHIP 12*16 Funnel is used to pool samples from the proteoCHIP 12*16 after TMT labelling.

These products are meant to be run on Cellenion’s cellenONE single cell isolation and precision dispensing instrument.

Please make sure that you have the required cellenONE options to use proteoCHIP 12*16 products, including Antistatic Package, Heating/Cooling Unit, Humidity Control, Dew Point Control; otherwise, an upgrade would be required, please contact your SCIENION sales representative.
Also, we kindly inform you that you must have a proteoCHIP 12*16 Accessory Kit to handle proteoCHIP 12*16 on the cellenONE and in the centrifuge.

You need to get the proper training (proteoCHIP 12*16 application training) performed by our Field Application Specialists prior to using proteoCHIP 12*16 for the first time. Please contact your SCIENION sales representative or shop@scienion.com to get a quote.