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set contains some sciCONSUMABLEs like sciCHIP and sciPLEXPLATEs

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Set contains:
1x CSE-5310-5   sciCHIP Epoxy, w/o barcode 5x
1x C-5283          sciCLEAN8, 3 x 1.5
1x C-5110          sciTIPCLEANER
1x C-5040          Kimwipes
1x CPG-5501-1   sciSOURCEPLATE PS 1x
1x CPH-5511-1   sciPLEXPLATE 96 Type 1
1x CPH-5521-1   sciPLEXPLATE 96 Type 2
1x C-5131         system liquid filtration device