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Complete portfolio for developping microarrays in different supports


  • PDCs Piezo Dispense Capillaries

    Piezo Dispense Capillaries (PDCs) are available exclusively from SCIENION and compatible with all microarray spotters from sciFlexarrayer family. PDCs come in various sizes, geometries and with application-specific coating.

    If you already own a microarray spotter from SCIENION you probably know which PDC type is the best for your application. Otherwise, contact us and request a service of PDC selection for your samples. Combination of the right size, geometry, and coating guarantees smooth spotting without film formation and satellite droplets. 

    SCIENION's capillaries are made of chemically inert glass and, if used properly, can serve you for a very long time. 

    While ordering your new PDCs don't forget about sciCLEAN 8 to keep them in good condition!


  • PDCs related

    All consumables related to 96 well plates from different configurations for DNA, protein micorarrays and multiplex ELISA

  • sciCHIPs
  • sciBUFFERs